The Perfect Size for your Swimming Pool Tiles


The Perfect Size for your Swimming Pool Tiles

The Perfect Size for your Swimming Pool Tiles

There is a standard size for some countries like Spain, Germany, Turkey, and Italy when it comes to pool tiles. However, pool designers in Australia have the freedom to choose the most befitting size of pool tiles. 

These other countries agree to a 240 x 115 mm tile because large porcelain tiles are often not suitable for swimming pools. Moreover, these tiles may not withstand exposure to water for a long time.

Meanwhile, it must also have a level of water absorption that can meet up the expected standard. Similarly, the installation of sport tiles comes with fixed size and gap. 

In terms of spacing, the installer or designer leaves a space of 10 mm, which makes the domestic market size 240 x 125 mm. The length-to-width ratio is 2:1, showing the right aesthetic outlook to the full. 

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Overall, you need a set of high-quality pool tiles that are also budget-friendly for purchase and installation. In simple terms, how do you determine the quality of the swimming pool tiles that you find?

  • Tile appearance
  • Water absorption quality
  • Glazed surface for reflection
  • Comprehensive service of installation and maintenance

How to Select Pool Tiles by the Size

If you want to showcase the perfect tile in terms of design and texture, you should also factor in size. In other words, the pool tile size is a crucial factor in your choice. 

However, mosaic pool tiles can be relatively more expensive than the total worth of price. Below are some of the sizes to consider to make a great choice.

6 x 6 inches Pool Tiles

The 6 x 6 inches of pool tiles is the largest standard size to consider for swimming pools. For one, it comes in a wide range of materials, including stone, porcelain, and ceramics. 

Meanwhile, you should consider having a larger pool tile because

  • A larger surface area provides room for different patterns and textures to expose your intricate designs.
  • In addition, larger-sized pool tiles can save you money when drafting your budget as you don’t have to buy many pieces. 

3 x 3 inches Pool Tiles

As we progress from the 6 x 6 inches, we scale it down to the 3 x 3 inches that is also a great choice of pool tiles. Meanwhile, the 3 x 3 inches pool tiles can add beautiful colors, patterns, and materials for aesthetic creativity. 

2 x 2 inches Pool Tiles

As you seek to buy the best-looking pool tiles, you should also consider a pocket-friendly one. And that is what the 2 x 2 inches pool tiles bring. You can hardly go wrong with this affordable tile as it is highly durable and affordable. 

This tile is often from the porcelain and ceramic content that allows you to maintain a classic view. In addition, you can increase the influence of the texture by adding some extra hues. 

1 x 1 inch Pool tiles

The 1 x 1-inch tile size represents the small class of mosaic tiles as a token of perfection. Moreover, we like to think about these small pool tiles as the addition of drama in a wide array of colors.

In addition, these tiles are commonly made of glass, and this material gives the assurance that it can last for many years. 

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How do I choose the right size of pool tiles?

The size is equally important as you perceive the exemplary architecture that can work best for your home. These properties of the pool tiles must also work in harmony to complement the entire design. 

Furthermore, the general perspective of the home design also comes with an overall theme that the pool must also carry. Besides, you are free to also explore whatsoever is in vogue and use it appropriately. 

How to determine the suitability of your pool tiles for the space

The size is one thing, the material and the color of the tiles are also important factors. Therefore, you must consider the materials, textures, and tones of your background or surrounding space.

Besides, what about the deck and the space around your swimming pool? If you can find suitable materials, such as timber decking, you can set some color tones to warm things up. 

On the other hand, you can harmonize the bright colors alongside the brown hues of timber. Visit to read about The Purpose of Pool Tiles in Modern Designs.

Qualities of the Perfect Pool Tiles 

A perfect collection of pool tiles must have the following qualities

  • Slip resistance. Wet surfaces of the tiles indicate that all the tile areas must have a P4-P5 slip rating. This rating implies that the application of these tiles is safe to use.
  • Water-resistance. The surface of the swimming pool and its surrounding also warrants that the tiles should be water-resistant. In addition, regular exposure to the otherwise nature of tiles can damage the surface. 
  • High wear rating. Continuous exposure to different chemicals and different weather conditions can pose a severe threat to the pool environment. More so, the pavers and the tiles along the firm surfaces ensure that safety is assured with your chosen style. In other words, the suitable pool tiles must also have a high wear rating. 
  • Comfortability. Pool tile materials should also be very comfortable for use when under the foot. Meanwhile, some materials may be relaxed during cold weather but become unbearable when the weather condition is hot. To enhance your level of comfort, you should choose light paving pool tiles for natural materials. The options include sandstone, limestone, and travertine that have up to 30% coolness above concrete pavers. 
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Whether you pick the minimalistic or the industrial approach, picking the suitable pool tiles takes your design to the next level. By now, it is clear how easy it is to create a splash of color and size in your perfect style. While choosing suitable materials from glass, ceramic, or porcelain, don’t forget to decide the ideal size for your pool tiles.