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The Purpose of Pool Tiles in Modern Designs

Whether you choose porcelain, glass, or natural stone, you can trust to have a colorful tile to increase the pool’s beauty. However, the purpose goes beyond the aesthetic value to more value that necessitates the tile line. First, consider two key reasons why tiles are a critical element of your swimming pool construction. Following our considerations, the choice remains yours as to which pool tiles are most suitable for your intended design. 

Purpose 1: Protecting the Pool Structure of the Waterline

The first reason why pool tiles are essential is the nature of the water that fills the swimming pool. Remember that water is an ultimate solvent, which affects one or more materials in a matter of time. 

In addition, there are different climates and weather conditions around the world. Water can also freeze into ice. As a result, it can create or facilitate cracks or other structural damage to the entire construction material.

Furthermore, pool construction requires that you control the water in any way you can. Following that, a concrete structure of concrete in either gunite or shotcrete is. Therefore, one needs to protect the concrete shell with a water-tight material to serve its maximum purpose. 

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As a result, there are three interior waterproofing materials that you can employ to protect concrete inground pools. They are the practical forms of plaster, such as the color quartz, marcasite, and pebble. Mind you, using either the quartz or the marmite promises to add an Achilles heel.

How to make the best of this purpose

The material must remain underwater to be impervious to water. This submergence ensures that the exposure to air is limited. Otherwise, dryness can cause the material to crack and shrink. 

So, there is also a need to keep a sealed plaster pool shell by alternating its wet and dry conditions. The designer will then put a band of tiles above the waterline to protect the pool from the destructive forces of the water. And between the pool tiles are waterproof grout to seal the spaces.

Furthermore, many swimming pools have this band at the height of 6 inches and extend around the pool’s entire perimeter. However, a beach entry or raised spa may be exceptions in this case. Or when there is a notched bond-beam that is covered in natural stone veneer.

Also, if you have enough in your budget, you can add some high-end pebble finish to the interior parts of the pool. As an alternative to using pool tiles, the pebble finish remains dry even when exposed to air. However, pool tiles have a better aesthetic touch but don’t serve many purposes on the outside. 

Watch out for the color of pool tiles that you choose. Some colors can enhance the conspicuity of accumulation scum over time. The size of the pebble you also use matters as it requires cleaning. You can read about The Perfect Size for your Swimming Pool Tiles by visiting

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Purpose 2: Keeping a Cleaner and Attractive Pool

Another purpose that pool tiles serve in your facility is the maintenance of the pool and its environment. In every outdoor pool, we must understand some of the dynamics of what goes on in it. Regardless of the kind of chemical treatments you use and how often, an outdoor pool always gathers some measure of organic and inorganic components. 

Therefore, the pool may contain different algae forms at varying levels that can grow over time along the pool walls. In addition to algae, minerals like calcium silicate and calcium carbonate accumulate in the pool. 

Over time, these calcium compounds form a whitish or greyish appearance along the pool walls. The deposits are similar to what you may find on bathroom and kitchen wall tiles. Apart from these compounds, other common residues gather in bather waste, body oils, sunscreen, saliva, sweat, and cosmetics.

What the Pool tiles do

All these accumulations become sticky and enhance the formation of a microbe-filled substance known as a biofilm. The presence of the biofilm and the calcium scale is together known as the scum line. Without installing pool tiles, the um line can stick to the pool plaster, irrespective fo the material it is made of. At times, the sticking together may even stain any interior finish that touches the water. 

Consequently, the cleaning process of these stains from the pool wall and the finish can be complicated to handle. However, laying pool tiles on the inside of the pool ensures a more straightforward cleaning process and overall management of the pool. 

Pool tiles provide a smooth and non-porous surface that cannot accommodate such stains. Even when stains appear, a simple cleaning process with a brush can remove any invading scum line. And suppose you can get some safe and mild cleaning products specifically for pool tiles. In that case, the process becomes even much more straightforward. 

An expert’s advice is that the best way to soften the pool water is to reduce biofilm accumulation. This way, you tend to spend less time brushing the tiles. Click here to read about more than 40 Pool tiles design ideas.

Pool Tiles provides more value than beauty

No doubt that having pool tiles in your swimming pool provides tremendous aesthetic value. But beyond that, the modern pool tile offers a practical purpose as it can enhance the longevity of your pool interior parts.

In other words, it not only supports creativity and designs, but you can also actually enjoy the process of picking pool tiles during construction. Moreover, the investment in pool tiles is not just for the superficial outlook; it is also critical to optimize the pool for a long time. 

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On a final note, the process of adding a swimming pool to your home or revamping your pool can be made further interesting. Either way, there is a pool of options to choose from to maximize your chances. You will do well to consider some of the concept boards that your dealer offers to select the best pool tiles that work for you. For instance, you can choose from the traditional-looking pool tiles or the modern glass mosaic pool tiles to the several color options. We can also help you get the best pool tile for all kinds of pool sizes and prevailing weather conditions.